Weddings are a classic event where two people who are deeply in love celebrate their start of a new life together. The bride and the groom spend months and months planning and preparing for the big day, all while wedding planners, family members, and the wedding party tune in for help. While there are so many showers and parties leading up to that big “I do,” the tradition of the bachelorette/bachelor party remains every bride/groom’s favorite.

Shortly after my sister got engaged, she asked me to be her maid of honor, and I could not have been more excited. With my sister being very type A and incredibly organized, I knew my main responsibility as maid of honor was to plan the ultimate getaway weekend for her and all of her closest friends.

I had never been on a bachelorette party, let alone planned one, but here are a few must follow tips for the perfect weekend to celebrate your bride to be.  

Pick a City

This might have been the hardest part of planning.  Renita invited 15 girls, all of which live in different cities ranging from Los Angeles to New York City and have very high demanding jobs. Not to mention that they are at the age of their life where every other weekend is another wedding, bridal shower, or bachelorette weekend that they have to travel to. It was really important for me to pick a city that was easy and relatively inexpensive for everyone to get to as well as a weekend they could all make it. After asking my sister what exactly she wanted at her bachelorette party I narrowed it down to a few cities that met her itinerary hopes and after stalking flights I picked Scottsdale, Arizona.

Walking on the wild side with the best bachelorette 🔥🌵 #RJgetsCRAY

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Communicate Early

A bachelorette party is nothing unless all of the bride’s favorite girls are able to make it, so communicating early was crucial to making sure all the girls were able to come. I contacted everyone in June, and we decided on the last weekend of October giving all the girls five months to clear their schedules for it. Besides communicating early, my other piece of advice is to not give people too many weekend options. When I was asking around prior to picking the date, it seemed like it was going to be impossible to coordinate with everyone’s schedule, but once I actually picked the date everyone was able to commit to it instantly.

Include the Bride’s Interests

Renita had made it clear early on that she wanted her bachelorette party to be a mix of nice dinners, relaxing with her favorite girls, some physical activity, and lots of dancing at night.  We kept a lot of aspects of the weekend a surprise, however when it came to certain plans it was good to have the bride have some say. A few of Renita’s bachelorette wants were a hike up Camelback Mountain to kick off the weekend, a spa day filled with massages, facials, and pool time, and a night out on the town with all of her favorite girls.  While we planned a lot of surprises throughout the weekend, it was more than okay to have the bride’s interest included in the planning process.

Decorate and Stock the House:

One of my favorite parts of the weekend was seeing Renita’s face when she first walked into the Airbnb and saw the house decorated for her.  I asked all of her friends to print out 10-15 pictures of her from all the years of their friendship, and we hung them along the walls with tweed and clothespins which was probably her favorite. We had balloons, fun bride tribe cup, a photobooth with props, and confetti all over the house. Stocking the kitchen was also very important to me.  Get there a little earlier than the bride, and make sure to fill the refrigerator with all the drinks and food you could possibly need for the weekend.  When decorating the house ask yourself what the bride likes, and put a personal touch on it so she knows how much thought was put into making her weekend so special.   

Send Thank Yous

With the amount of time and effort that goes into planning the bachelorette party, you also have to remember to thank everyone after the party is over. The lovely ladies that attend the bachelorette party take time out of their life and spend money on making sure the bride has a great time! Instead of sending thank you cards to each of the guest after the party, I got each guest an embroidered canvas tote bag with their name on it.  This was also perfect for them to take to the spa while we were in Scottsdale, and all the girls loved it.