Countless studies have demonstrated just how bad sitting all day is for you. From the reduced blood flow to the joint damage, some have even referred to sitting as the new smoking because of how much damage it can do. Not only is sitting all day really bad for you, but no amount of exercise had been proven to undo the negative effects of sitting. That means that no matter how in shape you are, it’s all for naught if you spend 8 full hours per day in your chair. You need to be active in the workplace to make sure that all your hard work pays off. Here are some easy ways to make sure you’re staying active and in motion at work.

Drink lots of Water: As simple as it sounds, drinking water will help keep your metabolism up and flush toxins out of your body as you go about your day.  On a behavioral level, drinking water will keep you from drinking sugary drinks or coffee, which can make you feel more sluggish and be packed with calories, and it’ll encourage you to think about what you’re eating, too. Good behavior encourages more good behavior. Also if nothing else, when you drink a lot of water, you’ll have to get up to go to the bathroom more than usual and to refill your water bottle, which will help to get your legs moving.

Make your Meetings Mobile: I don’t know if it’s just me, but I swear I think better when I’m up and moving! Depending on the nature of the meeting, see if you can make it mobile. Walk and talk with your coworkers and take notes on a phone. Especially if the purpose of the meeting is to brainstorm and throw out ideas in the early stages of a project, making your meeting mobile will get the creative juices flowing and keep you from spending more time than necessary sitting on your chair.

Never Sit on the Phone: Sitting on a computer pretty much requires you to be sedentary, but phone calls can go anywhere you go! To stay active at work, avoid talking on the phone and sitting down. Pace around, take a walk, or simply stand up if you need to manipulate your phone.

Take Breaks: Set a timer on your desktop to remind you to stand up and take a lap around your office every so often.  It’ll not only help you focus when you’re back at your desk, but just waking up your muscles with a few seconds of standing or walking will keep you from being totally motionless all day.

Stretch it out: You probably can’t take a full-out jog in the middle of your work day, but you can perform some unintrusive stretches to stay limber and active. Some simple yoga moves, for example, or warm-up stretches can be done quietly and in work clothes to keep you from sitting at a desk for too long.