It’s 2017. We can’t live without our phones. It’s just a fact of life at this point. From keeping in touch with friends to planning the best driving route to a destination to laughing at pug vines, our phones have apps that have made our lives easier and more productive. Of course, there are the heavy-hitters like facebook and instagram, but there are some lesser-known apps out there too that will enhance your lifestyle by making it more organized, connected, and informed. Below are some great apps that I think you’ll love.

Mint: One of the hardest parts of “adulting” is keeping track of finances. Unless you’re an expert accountant, it can be hard to keep track of when bills are due, saving regularly, and not splurging too often. Mint keeps all your finances in one place so you can see where you stand at all times. The graphics are simple and easy to understand, and it even gives you advice given how your finances look. For example, it may suggest that you start to invest in CDs or a different checking account.

Classpass: Y’all already know how much I love classpass! Unlike a regular gym membership, classpass gives you access to pilates, yoga, cycling, and countless other classes in 40 cities across the world! If you travel a lot like I do and are trying to stay in shape, classpass is the perfect way to

Instacart: If you’re busy all the time like I am, you know that getting to the grocery store can just be one more thing on your to-do list. Instacart is perfect because it’s not just a box of groceries assembled in a warehouse somewhere by a machine. A real person actually goes to the store and picks out the food you put on your list, so you know you’re not getting milk that’s about to spoil or overripe bananas. It’s almost like your mom went out and did your shopping for you!

Like to know it: You know how you take screenshots of instagram posts or pinterest pins when you see an outfit you love? Now, you can upload that screenshot and find the item for sale! Like to know it analyzes your screenshot and takes you to the seller’s website. It also shows you similar screenshots so you can choose different styles and prices that look like the one you uploaded.

Yelp: When you’re someplace you’ve never been before, you want to know what others have said about places to eat, get coffee, or meet new people. Yelp is perfect because regular people can rate establishments and write reviews about their experiences with the venue, staff, and products. Yelp is also really good about deleting “paid” positive reviews so you can usually trust the comments.