As I’ve written about before, I really enjoy doing yoga because of all the great health benefits and residual effects on lifestyle. Some places have decided to kick it up a notch for us millennials who want an even more memorable experience. Yoga outdoors has been around forever, so the next generation of twists on yoga have to be creative and fun. Here are some of the most popular ones.

Beer/Wine Yoga | The only thing millennials like better than an engaging activity is one they can do while drinking beer or wine! Lots of vineyards and microbreweries have already seen a huge influx of young adults who like to get the story and experience behind what they’re drinking. So, they added yoga classes with moves that include pouring and drinking their beverages.

Trap Yoga | Especially in Atlanta where Trap music got a small monument in the pink trap house, yoga instructors looked for a way to include the music and its devotees, especially those of color with limited access to yoga, in the yoga world. So, they mix the standard positions and goals of yoga with trap music and some of its signature moves — namely twerking.

Glow in the Dark Yoga | Imagine a blacklight party, but instead of everyone dancing or mingling, they’re holding yoga poses, and all you can see is their legs and torsos making shapes in the dark. This one is most popular in New York right now, but it’s gaining popularity across the US as instagram posts of people participating go viral.

Metal Yoga | Trap fans have trap yoga, and now metal fans have metal yoga. Instead of just setting regular yoga to metal music, though, people participating in this form of yoga get to let out all their rage along with the music. Metal yoga sessions include lots of screaming, jumping, and thrashing movements along with traditional yoga poses to balance it out.

Floating Yoga | Yoga outdoors just wasn’t enough for some people who want more adventure in their practice. One company took their yoga classes out to sea. Floating yoga happens on a surfboard or paddleboard far away from the shore. The teacher will lead a small class on a twenty minute easy swim out on the water, and once they’ve reached a good spot, everyone lets down anchors and performs their poses and moves on their floating surface.

Chair Yoga | This form of yoga is really good for elderly people or people with intense sicknesses and limited mobility. Yoga is so good for toning muscles, but some people really don’t have the physical ability to contort themselves the way able-bodied people can. In hospitals and physical therapy, many yoga instructors lead regular classes with yoga poses that can be done while seated, either in a standard char or in a wheelchair in some cases.

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Goat Yoga | I actually got to try this one! Goat yoga is literally exactly what it sounds like. Everyone gathers in a field and goes through a yoga session, but baby goats, many of whom were wearing rainbow leis, interact with you the whole time. Some jump up on you, some bleat in your ear, and some just hop around. It was the cutest workout I think I’ve ever done.